Dike Sealing and Groundwater Protection Panels

Dilapidated, permeable dikes quickly result in catastrophe. They must be put in order for long-term, reliable protection of human beings and property. In addition, many human beings and buildings are affected by floods even when a river does not overflow its banks. High-water results in basements, subterranean garages etc. being swamped by quickly rising groundwater.

Here too, we have a solution - the groundwater protection or dike seal plate. Made of PEHD or PELD, it offers nearly unlimited protection against root perforation, rodent burrowing, cracks in the dike body etc.

PEHD, known for decades in the area of high dam construction or the underground sealing of landfills, is distinguished by a DIBt-attested service life of at least 100 years.

Fast - Lightweight - Completely Reliable.

For renovating permeable dikes or for protection against rising groundwater, we offer various systems.

The classical PEHD dike renovation panel consists - as seen immediately in the name - of PEHD with a material thickness of 3-6 mm. Depending on requirements and the customer's wishes protection against penetraing water may also be afforded by a water-impermeable PELD diaphragm of 0.5 to 3 mm thickness. PELD diaphragms may be installed either horizontally or vertically. The connection of the individual panels or diaphragms with each other is carried out by means of an S-Lock connection.

Installation in the dike takes place in classical manner by excavator in a "trench" which is 20 to 50 cm wide, depending on depth. After installation of the panels the "trench" is again filled and sealed off.

In addition to the just-described classical form of installation, installation is also possible by means of a continuously operating trench cutting machine.

However, installation with a trench cutting machine is used above all in the case of PELD groundwater protection panels. The aim of this system is to prevent a rise of groundwater and the related flooding of the hinterland. To this end, in the rule, the PELD groundwater protection panels is installed in a trench cut along a watercourse.

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