Fittings, Shafts and Accessories

A functional flood protection naturally includes completely reliable shutoff and/or backflow elements. This is essential for reliably preventing flooding of the hinterland, even in the presence of a properly functioning dike system or flood protection system.

We have developed slide gate valves and check valves which - in addition to being watertight - are absolutely corrosion-proof, low- maintenance, vandalism-proof, and extremely long-lived.

The most impermeable dike, the most stable protective wall, or the best mobile/ semi-mobile flood protection system are of no avail when existing passageways in the form of pipes or channels are not leaktight. In that case, the water will flow unchecked into the hinterland.

We have of course the matching solutions for this as well: check valves, slide gate valves and complete finttings for shafts are available in the range from DN 100 to DN 1500. Here too, we adjust these products to meet
your special requirements:

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