Protective Window & Door Elements

It is not always possible or appropriate to protect objects with mobile or semi-mobile systems. In this case we offer fully individual solutions for the protection of windows and doors. Our protective window and door elements require no structural advance work whatever, and no permanent, visible changes are required in the buildings. Thus our systems are outstandingly suited for the protection of historical monument buildings.

The elements are inserted into the existing window and/or door openings, the seals are pumped up at the elements and - finished.

Optimized in terms of both weight and application, these elements are manufactured from PEHD, PPH, aluminium-PP sandwich, or a combination of these materials.

Fast - Light - Self-Explanatory.

Be the structure old or new, modern or historical monument, door or window, full or partial seal - we have the solution - we make the solution!

Depending on the size of the opening to be closed, the ponding depth to be expected, or also the customer's wishes, we use PE-HD, PP, Laminaex PP or PP-Aluminium-sandwich for manufacturing the elements. Due to the diversity of basic materials we are able to achieve a high level of rigidity with low weight per unit.

The installation of the elements takes place in the existing window or doorjamb. The element is put in place, the existing rubber seal in the frame is inflated with the aid of a simple air pump, and finished. No drilling, no bolting, no dowel holes or anchor rails ...

Put in place - pump up - finished!